We build Web Apps with Elasticsearch* * especially for the property sector

We know the way...

Who we are

We are a small team of highly experienced web developers based in South East England. We are specialised in Ruby-on-Rails, Elasticsearch and MySQL. Our core team helped design and build the Globrix property portal back in 2007 and we've been busy ever since. We think we can put a search UI over pretty much any dataset and we have vast experience in the property field.

Skilled team

We have been building websites since the dot-com boom and have seen a lot of change in that time: technologies coming and going, methodologies changing, tools changing. Between us we have probably handled every web technology that's been out there (except coldfusion!) and we're now specialised in Rails and Elasticsearch. If you have a problem visualising, exploring and inputting your data, speak to us!

Agile approach

We like you to see your project grow and we prefer you to be involved in the development as it progresses. We use a collaborative ticket-based approach using tools like Trello with continual build and releases to your own configured staging server so that you can use the application as it develops. We are adept at HTML, CSS and responsive layouts so we can be flexible about the design approach, whether that involves another agency, in-house or a template.

High quality

Our sites don't fall over and are built with all the best industry open-source tools. We've been building search sites for a decade and know what works and what scales. We are proud of the work we do and think we are good value: our experience means we can offer a lot at a good price.

No overheads

As we are so small and have no overheads we normally charge T&M. We will help you cost and plan a project and we don't believe that fixed costs and software mix too well. Normally we see a substantial amount of change during a project lifecycle. We can provide a 'starter' ES and Rails layer over your dataset for between £10,000 and £30,000 in 1 to 3 months.

Our Latest Work


Although we are a small team we each have well over 15 years of web experience and are well connected with a network of developers and designers with similar levels of expertise.

I have worked in software development since completing a BSc Computer Science in 1997 at Southampton. I am an experienced system architect and have run development teams in Java and Rails.

James Shadwell

My first development job was building ASP sites in the dot-com boom way back in 1999. Since then I have done almost everything and have developed excellent all-round skills and a commitment to quality using close-knit teams that always deliver.

Colin Baird

I have been leading software development projects for ten years and worked with James and Colin and the other Globrix founders for most of that time. I am a dedicated and adaptable contractor.

Louis Gillies
Lead Developer (contract)

Our toolkit

Web / Search / Distributed / Deployment technologies

Big thanks to all the marvelous people who make and maintain Open Source technology!

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